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Image by Álvaro Serrano




The road toward enlightenment or the way of the empath
Is a process of awakening on a spiritual path

When you seek you will find, when you look you will see
So never impose limits on what your life can be

When you open yourself up and let Soul step in
You discover the potential of what lies within

An uncharted reservoir of infinite proportion
That permeates the quantum and the fields of torsion

The world is as you imagine, its created inside your mind
So think of only beauty and that’s precisely what you’ll find

The nature of your consciousness is all pervading and prevailing
Every photon that you look upon and every breath you are inhaling

You are the continuous expansion, within you contains the whole
The universe speaks in every cell and you have complete control

So don’t waste a single moment imagining anything less
The purpose of your existence is in the joy that you express

You are here to be a creator, without judgment when you fall
To live with understanding and to share your love with all

You discover your inner truth and the way toward enlightenment
Was following your happiness and finding yourself in alignment.

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Finding Love

The enchantment of anticipation

The excitement of participation

The expectation of delight
The enhancement of every night

Shining out like a lightning beam
Inspiration in every dream

The exhilaration of letting go
And embracing the love within the flow

The perpetual bliss of innocence
And making the choice not to ride the fence

The world is yours if you let it in
You cannot fail, you can only win

Accept yourself in all your glory
Take it to heart and write your story.

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Our Fairy-tale Story

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away
There was a broken knight with no joy in his day

He spent his life searching for the missing key
To understand his purpose, what he was meant to be

His shadow was heavy, there was pain in his eye
His life had been cursed, but he did not know why

So he traveled about, searching and learning
His soul was half empty, his heart always yearning

Until he found himself in a magical place
With a family, a castle and a Queen’s embrace

He walked into a pub and was struck by surprise
The most beautiful smile, deep, mesmerizing eyes

With a look and a smile, she lifted the curse
The most amazing woman in the whole universe

His life became clear, every wrong was made right
His soul was complete, it was love at first sight

His life is now perfect, his heart can now sing
For he had found his Queen, and the knight was now King

So now I will clarify so you know exactly what I mean
I was that broken knight, you are my perfect Queen

Our life will be happy, and filled with laughter
This is Our fairy tale story, with Our happily ever after

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Self Realization

It’s another full moon, another love gone too soon
Overthrown by the feelings of an emotional monsoon

The voices are screaming, my heart is still bleeding
I’ve lost all my marbles, no longer have meaning

Now everyone hates me, even those who create me
And the ones who should care now try to escape me

But what else can I do? I’m so lost and confused
My heart is all scarred and I feel so abused

As the pressures increase, no hope for any peace
So I take my life and beg for a release

A gun against my chest, let the bullet do the rest
My pain can bleed away but fate was not impressed

My world began to fade as Death took me in his shade
Excited by the darkness, my soul went on parade

But its eternal damnation to the youth of a nation
I realize my immortality means never salvation

There was no one to tell when I cast my last spell
And found nothing had changed, for I was already in Hell

I’ve been dead all along, this life was my song
Playing over and over to find out what went wrong

But it was not the end, my soul did not ascend
I’m left repeating the lessons until I learn how to mend

Well, what is your death, or the life in your breath?
I find myself reminiscing on the teachings of Seth

You are consciousness first, even as you do your worst
You cannot extinguish the light that has divinely outburst

So I play it again, this song that won’t end
With only one purpose, to finally transcend

The music keeps changing, the verses rearranging
But, the chorus is echoing something amazing

When you cry and you moan, the pain you make your own
For its your focused attention that makes it overblown

My realization was wrong, this life is your song
But you were meant to be happy, to dance and sing along

This world has no leaning until you attach meaning
You reap what you sow, that’s the reward you are gleaning

The lessons are learned, no matter how badly you’re burned
A million times you have left and a million times you’ve returned

Another chance I was given, at this life, a new mission
To deliver this message, was my only condition

You were sent from above as Divinity’s dove
To live and to share all your expressions of love.

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