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Divine Origins

Sunlight shining thyough dark clouds

In the beginning, as it is said, was the void...from this came a thought, a thought in the mind of God. From consciousness, sprung this thought, a light out of the darkness. An

infinite sea of consciousness, then, began emerging into thoughts. Thoughts that began thinking of, and for, themselves. This is the birth of all that we know, but it is not the birth of All That Is. For All That Is – God, the original Creator, Universal Consciousness – is timeless, eternal and cannot be created or destroyed. This was a state of completion, of perfection. It was everything and there was not anything that was

not it. However, being omnificent and omnipresent, all knowing and all love, there arose a dilemma. For All That Is became curious, and wanted to know itself; but being complete, perfect and all knowing there was nothing that could not be already

known, nothing that was unknown. It was, then, necessary to create a new ability, for any new experience, understanding or self-exploration to be possible: the ability to forget - to forget who and what it was, and from where it came. Thereby, freeing

itself to express in an infinite potential of superpositions, all of which, could now be experienced seemingly for the first time, without the burden of already knowing any possible outcome.

This was the birth of infinite potentiality. Therefore, it began to send itself out into other realms and dimensions, not yet created. A thought held and focused begins to vibrate. This continuous vibration triggers quantum fluctuations within the vacuum, out of which, springs the very fabric of space and time; and through this begins to manifest. Thus, the expansion of the universe had begun with a simple thought. Source energy was then sent out of All That Is ---- as an extension of All That Is ---- to continue to create and express itself and continue the expansion of All That Is. Inflation was

created along side the original thoughts and physical atoms, causing everything to double in size every second, sparking the expansion, which has continued even to this day, slowing in some regions of space while speeding up in others. From this

Infinite Intelligence, Source energy began to express consciousness in many forms. Energy burst into being with such force and enthusiasm that it burned at a billion degrees and glowed like the sun. Plasma filled the early universe with hydrogen. Atoms bouncing around in radiant light and plasma.

This is the cosmic microwave background radiation, and is as far back in time as we will ever be able to see, as we look out into the 14 billion years that light is traveling to reach us. Fusion then began, and hydrogen was converted into helium. This process went on for hundreds of thousands of years before eventually cooling as the Source energy rushed out in all directions with the continuing of the expansion of the universe. As the fusion came to a stop, a quarter of the total mass of the universe had been converted into helium. Clouds of hydrogen gas, deuterium and lithium began to form into stars.

These stars continued to fuse hydrogen into helium during their very long life span. When the stars do eventually come to the end of their cycle they continue to contribute to the creation of the universe by exploding into a supernova that spews out levels of helium, beryllium, carbon and oxygen into clouds of gas that will eventually form into new stars, spreading the basic building blocks that will over time become every other form of matter, including us. The so-called Big Bang was neither big nor a bang, but was merely the natural process of universal consciousness manifesting itself into physical form. This process of smaller big bangs is still going on continuously even today, as consciousness becomes manifest. It might also be important to note, that as I speak of the beginning and then of our so-called big bang there is a sort of separation here, as these are not the same occurrences. There is the seeming beginning of physical form and out of consciousness, as we know it, and then there is the beginning of our universe, as we have come to discover it.

What we have come to understand of our universe is merely one of many dimensions of existence and there are an infinite number of other dimensions and of other universes out there, that just happen to exist in a way that makes them virtually impossible for us to see or access in the way we are currently focused. There may come a time when we are able to discover or access them but it will not occur until we realize the multi-dimensionality of our own beings and learn to harness more multidimensional abilities. Until then, I speak of the universe as we know it and we will have to wait until quantum physics brings us more hints to the multidimensional and quantum nature of

our reality, which I do believe it is in the beginnings of doing and will continue to do in the years to come. This is necessarily a slow process as there are many philosophical and religious notions that we hold dear that will need to be released before we can expand our understandings in that way. This is not just a matter of religions, for main stream, secular academics are also holding onto philosophical and metaphysical ideas and assumptions that will need to be dismissed, as well. Alas, it is okay, as we do have time, so to speak. There is no rush to discovery. We will understand when we are ready to understand.

It does not matter how long that will take, for we are infinite beings and there is no real time, as such, but to say for the temporary experience while we are focused in this way.

Consciousness creates form and form expresses its consciousness. Source energy was expressed in all directions and into multidimensional planes of existence, which all expand into new dimensions and into new planes of existence. This continued to create new fluctuations, which gravity then amplified into larger fluctuations and the clouds of gas began to clump together into what we now call planets, solar systems and galaxies, along with an astronomical number of other structures in space. Dark matter then becomes physical matter, while forgetting how its very existence was possible, and then

sparks the further creation of dark energy. Some of this Source energy, then, began to split itself (though always still connected) into portions; portions that remained knowing and nonphysical and portions that became physical, but lost its knowledge and memory of itself, the knowledge of its connection to Source; and subsequently, the knowing of its perfection and of its divine origins.

The universe was born out of a thought of Source energy and the spark was ignited, breathing the breath of life in all directions. Layers of existences were then focused into even deeper planes of existence and nonphysical then emerged into physical. Out of the darkness came light, out of the silence came sound, and out of consciousness came everything. Every thought then creates new life. This new life then begins to think new thoughts, which creates new life, new consciousness.

This new consciousness - being really but an extension of the energy it was created from - creates form and then this form, being conscious, begins to think; and on it goes.

You are a nonphysical, multidimensional spiritual being, an extension of Source energy. You have Source energy flowing to you and through you at all times. You are a part of

All That Is. You are of the one universal consciousness that is thinking and experiencing itself through you, as an extension of itself. You were Source energy before you decided to come into this physical body. Only a smaller part of you came into this physical body. The larger part of you remained nonphysical and is still Source energy.

This larger part of you that is still Source energy is still with you at all times, and is often referred to as your inner self, your higher self, your true self, higher mind, your soul or your spirit. So you are, therefore, always connected to Source energy. Another portion of this Source energy splits even farther, to become the part of you that you may refer to as your guides or your guardian angels. This is the part of you that is aligning everything around you, according to your desires, to bring you what will later be explained as the synchronistic events that bring about the realizations of your own creative manifestations in the physical world, as well as bringing you to the right place

at the right time to meet certain people and experience certain situations. This will sometimes feel like a mere coincidence and at other times comes about in a way that feels like pure magic. The nature and degree is determined by the nature and

degree of your own alignment with all of these portions of yourself. This Source energy part of you is your direct connection to Infinite Intelligence and to All That Is, which is often what you would call God.

God, or All That Is, is the original Creator. You are still connected to God, for you are made of God, for God is All That Is. There is nothing else for anything to be made from.

Everything is of God. Everything is love. Everything is All That Is, and All That Is, is love. You have a Divine origin and you are still divine, even now, as an extension of Source energy.

You have the power that creates worlds at your disposal. You are the light and love of God, made flesh. Out of unconditional love were you created and through unconditional love you can have and create all that you desire. Being made in the image of God means that we, too, posses all the abilities to love and to create as God, itself, did and continues to do. When you can really come to terms with this understanding of who you really are and from where you came, nothing will be impossible for you. For you are the Universe, and the universe is you. The only limitation you have is the limitation you have placed on yourself, as you forgot who you really were. You have no limitations. Nothing is off limits to you. You can do, be or have anything you desire. It is, after all, your divine birthright; and the reason you are here now, physically focused.

You have come into this physical experience to live, and experience, and express yourself in love and joy, to be happy and to continue the expansion of the universe. The expansion of the universe, however, is not your purpose here; the reason for your coming into this physical existence, it is the byproduct, a result of your purpose. Your purpose is joy, to love and to express yourself and your love joyfully in all things. This is the meaning of life. This is who you really are. You are Love, you are light, you are the infinite, and you are the divine, in physical expression.

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